The Arts

Performing Arts

Students from Prep to Year 6 have a 45-minute classroom music lesson each week with a dedicated music specialist. Great emphasis is placed on the children having fun and really learning to love all kinds of music through listening, responding, singing, playing instruments, games and dancing to a wide range of music genres. The students use tuned and un-tuned percussion instruments as well as keyboards, drums and ukuleles. Senior students are given the opportunity to create and explore music using their one to one laptops and music technology and composition websites.

Visual Art

SRPS Visual Arts program provides opportunity for students in each class in the school to create and respond to Art at their own developmental level across a range of artistic forms; this is achieved, through 90 minute Art sessions for each class every alternate week. Students are encouraged to explore and develop their own creative style whilst learning about the elements and principles of Art. In responding to Art, students are beginning to develop critical analysis of their own and other’s Art work. 

Our Art program aims to assist all students to develop a love of creativity as they participate in a variety of different Art forms and mediums.